These are order of magnitude numbers and are
highly variable. The 1% number is way bigger than I am comfortable with although I have no basis to scale my expectations. I'd be much happier were
it a couple of orders of magnitude smaller.

I would be too. It's considerably difficult when ZODB is used as the sessioning backend. A lot of effort has been put in to reducing the potential for conflicts already. It could of course be better if more time was put in, but there hasn't been any reason (besides a sense of accomplishment and contribution to the greater good, anyway ;-) to put in that effort since the last time this machinery was overhauled.

I should also say that without the benefit of knowing whether you've taken the advice of turning the "knobs" available to you that help reduce conflicts (bumping up timeout resolution, turning off inband housekeeping, using a local database rather than a ClientStorage- backed database for session data), that we enumerated in previous emails, it's hard to know whether doing any more work would be beneficial.

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