On 24 Nov 2005, at 00:09, Stephan Richter wrote:

On Wednesday 23 November 2005 18:49, Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
People keep telling Zope2 developers that the inclusion of Zope3
doesn't mean you have to touch it, if you don't use it it is just
inert code that won't cause any change in your Zope2 development
style. Ok, I accept that, no problem at all. But why should this be
any different for Zope3 developers, obviously including Zope2 code
would mean exactly the same thing for them. Come on now.

Personally, I have never advocated inserting Zope 3 into Zope 2. Some people really wanted Zope 3 in Zope 2, so that they could use the new technology. So they added it. That's fine by me. But if they then turn around and say, "Look we have Zope 3 in Zope 2, so you should also have Zope 2 in Zope 3.", then I am complaining loudly, because I do not want to have anything to do with Zope 2. And it just means that I am becoming a Zope 2 developer again. Forget that! I'd rather fork Zope 3, then work on a version that has Zope 2 in it. It is just too much overhead for me to know all the involved technologies (Zope 2 and Five). I have barely time to keep up with Zope 3 and stay on top
of it.

I believe your assertion that you have to deal with Zope2 and become "a Zope 2 developer again" is just plain wrong. As wrong as Zope2 developers have to be Zope3 developers.


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