Julien Anguenot wrote:
> Some Zope3 developers don't care about Zope2 and this is fair enough in
> my point of view. Zope2 starts to get old and appears to be really a
> mess compared to Zope3 in *2005*, plus it's not such an attractive
> platform as it used to be couple of years ago. (Don't get me wrong on
> this. Time just changed. I'm using Zope2 much more than Zope3 nowadays
> and still I like it even if I'm *dreaming* about only using a modern
> platform "à la" Zope3) I would fear that some new folks might find the
> Zope3 project much more confusing and less attractive because of the
> Zope2 mess around. (common mailing list, common repository etc...)
> Please, let's not mess up Zope3...

Messing up Zope 3 is specifically not the intention of this proposal. It says so
explicitly in the "Your questions answered" section. I think it's undebated 
that there
will always be a "Zope 3" distribution that contains the leanest and meanest 
Zope 3
components (what this distribution will look like in detail is something that 
Jim has
been thinking about for some time now, but this is not part of this discussion).

You state correctly that "some Zope 3 developers don't care about Zope2". This 
might seem
like a suitable point of view, but as Martijn pointed out very well, it's also 
a foolish
one. It limits the acceptance of Zope 3 within the Zope community.

Zope 2 is a mess, I give you that. I'm not asking any Zope 3 developer to 
re-embrace it,
though. In fact, the idea of this proposal is not that Zope 2 is going to stay 
with us
forever. It is about speeding up the convergence process! There are a good 
amount of
people, Martijn and me included, who are working towards improving Zope 2 and 
we simply
want to attract more people to help us. Zope 2's architecture might be shitty, 
but its
community is bigger, don't forget that. The few "Zope 3 developers [that] don't 
about Zope2" are the minority and I think they could use the help from the rest 
of the
Zope community.


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