Julien Anguenot wrote:
And what about the acceptance of Zope3 *outside* the Zope community ?
Zope3 will look like more complicated and confusing doing a merge.

People building on Zope 3 will presumably mostly be working with a Zope 3 release, which will not include Zope 2. So, they cannot be confused by Zope 2 in that way. But if they're to become Zope 3 core developers they'll have to learn about this, yes.

more concerned about the acceptance of Zope3 outside the Zope community
because Zope2 developers will have to move to Zope3 at a certain time.
It's juste much more easier than for the first people.

> I still believe Zope2 developers will come on Zope3 pretty easily.

I don't think it is easy at all. While any competent Zope 2 developer will be able to learn about Zope 3, there's also the question of motivation and opportunity to do so. Only thanks to Five is the Plone community making any move to Zope 3 at all, for instance. There's a pretty huge barrier between Zope 2 and Zope 3 and only recently has it been slowly coming down in the minds of Zope 2 developers.

While I don't doubt developers will be coming to Zope 3 from outside the Zope community, I also think that by far the biggest amount of developers will be coming from *within* the Zope community, and if we want to gain more developers for Zope 3, *that* is the best place to look. It's our community, let's take care of it.

> The
> challenge is people outside the Zope community and I'm more worried
> about them.

Outside the Zope community Zope 3 doesn't have such a great image indeed. It's either ignored, or it's actively rejected. There is a lot of competition with other frameworks. Zope 3 is currently not doing particularly well in this competition, something we need to fix, but that's another topic for another thread. It doesn't change that inviting in the Zope 2 developers is most effective thing we can do at present to grow the Zope 3 community.


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