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Basically, I'd like to create a site once, and use it for all
subsequent tests, until I made a change that means the site needs to
be recreated. But how? Well, I'm not sure. How, for example, could I

Jim's "new test runner" includes support for "layers", which solves
this issue.  I think the Zope 2 trunk is already using the new test
runner; you can also use it on the Zope 3 trunk.  We're using test
layers extensively here, and it really helps.

Cool, how does a Zope 2.8.4 developer go about findout out about these layers and using them?

Look at

Unfortunately, there isn't really documentation on what layers
are for or how to write them.  This is a an ommission that needs
to be addressed.  You should be able to use the new test runner
in 2.8.  We use it with 3.1. It is included in 2.9 and 3.2.

To see how layers are are used, look at
on the Z3 trunk.  The Zope 3 functional tests are now provided via
a layer.  In the coming months we'll be releasing packages that use
layers to provide independent functional tests.


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