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I've recently been seeing weird DateTime test failures on all Zope 2
branches since 2.7 (see below). Any idea what I'm doing wrong? My system is OSX 10.3 with a self-compiled Python 2.4.1 (through darwinports). My
system timezone, as you can see, is GMT+0800 (Beijing time).

Running the tests under current 2.7/2.8 branches with Python 2.3.5 on OS X 10.4.3 things run fine:

tiny:/usr/local/zope/28Instance jens$ bin/zopectl test --libdir /usr/ local/zope/opt/Zope-2.8-branch/lib/python DateTime Running tests via: /usr/local/bin/python /usr/local/zope/opt/Zope-2.8- branch/bin/test.py -v --config-file /usr/local/zope/28Instance/etc/ zope.conf --libdir /usr/local/zope/opt/Zope-2.8-branch/lib/python DateTime
Running unit tests at level 1
Running unit tests from /usr/local/zope/opt/Zope-2.8-branch/lib/python
Parsing /usr/local/zope/28Instance/etc/zope.conf
Ran 32 tests in 23.396s


However, I am noticing that on the current Zope 2.9 branch, trying to build the software fails completely. The "configure" script works fine, but the "make" step does not seem to do anything at all. There is no error output, and all that's in the directory set as the -- prefix is the makefile:

 tiny:/usr/local/zope/opt/Zope-2.9-branch jens$ make
"/usr/local/bin/python2.4" "/usr/local/zope/src/Zope-2.9-branch/ setup.py" \
            build_ext -i
running build_ext

Zope built. Next, do 'make install' (or 'make instance'
to run a Zope instance directly from the build directory).

tiny:/usr/local/zope/opt/Zope-2.9-branch jens$ ls

INSTALL.txt still shows the "configure/make/make install" instructions and I was under the impression this was still supposed to work. How does everyone else build 2.9?


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