On 27 Nov 2005, at 15:49, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
The real difference now is that I used to be able to create an empty
directory from which to run configure and make, but now it only works
when you sit inside the full source tree... So in order to do my usual "pristine source tree under src/, build under opt/" I must now copy the
full source tree over. Annoying :/

Yes, the "out-of-place" build functionality, as we unofficially called
it, is not supported anymore. Really, I was surprised to hear that
people used this feature so much for checkouts. After all, I thought you want to *work* in a sandbox, not install from it or anything (otherwise
you wouldn't need a sandbox...).

Define "sandbox". For me it is not the checkout of the software itself, it is the built-out $SOFTWARE_HOME. It was a little easier to create several such sandboxes (e.g. one with Python 2.3.x, one with 2.4.x) using the "out of place" build.


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