Martijn Jacobs wrote at 2005-11-29 01:02 +0100:
> ....
>All those products are different 'types', with different functionality 
>and different 'roles' as what they represent, so I write different 
>products for every type. For every object that can contain subobjects 
>you could derive it from 'Folder' (or Object Manager). But when you 
>derive all these product types from 'Folder' you end up with ALOT of 
>objects in your database.

It that a problem? It might become one once you get millions of objects...

Usually, I would expect that most objects come from you leaves and
not from the classification structure...

>In a lot of real world cases you have categories and items, that makes 
>things easy, but what about the structure explained above?

I would use "ObjectManager"s to implement the classification
structure and "SimpleItem"s for the leaves.

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