Hello Dieter.
...For every object that can contain subobjects 
you could derive it from 'Folder' (or Object Manager). But when you 
derive all these product types from 'Folder' you end up with ALOT of 
objects in your database.

It that a problem? It might become one once you get millions of objects...

Usually, I would expect that most objects come from you leaves and
not from the classification structure...
That will be true, but I was wondering where to draw the line,  for example with perfomance issues. All the objects will be in a ZCatalog, to allow searching for example. But one 'ObjectManager' step less in the choice what to do with the products results in much less objects in the catalog. The estimation about the amount of objects, with only the leave nodes as 'SimpleItem' objects will be 30.000. I never had so many objects in a ZODB, that's why I'm asking this, but as your answer suggests it's still the preferred way.

Thanks for the comments!

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