On 30 Nov 2005, at 08:20, Lennart Regebro wrote:

On 11/30/05, Jens Vagelpohl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
+1 on a dedicated migration step. Might even be a chance for some
other cleanups.

So the process would be something like:

1. Make a FrankenDateTime that uses the pickles of the DateTime, but
the methods of datetime.
2. Make a zope.datetime module with the enhancements we want.
3. Immediately deprecate FrankenDateTime for zope.datetime.
4. Two versions later (2.12) remov the FrankenDateTime and make a
migration step necessary for the continued use of the ZODBs.

Or maybe...

1) Create zope.datetime the way we want it
2) Extend DateTime to also satisfy the zope.datetime API
3) Deprecate the non-zope.datetime API in DateTime to make people use the zope.datetime API (if not the objects themselves) 4) Two versions later, migrate all remaining DateTime objects to zope.datetime


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