Gary Poster wrote:
Zope 2 depends on Zope 3, via Five.  Zope 3 does not depend on Zope 2.

A very good point, but one which makes me feel that Zope 2 shouldn't be merged in with Zope 3 ;-)

Put differently, if we're merging in Zope 2 into the repository, then why not SchoolTool, or any of the other projects that _use_ Zope 3?

Zope 2 devs don't have to touch Zope 3 unless they want to leverage some cool new feature--in which case they are Zope Five devs, probably. Zope 3 devs must touch Zope 2, in this new world order, whether they want to or not, when changes break the stuff that Zope 2 has leveraged.

I don't agree. Again, if Zope 3 changes break SchoolTool, is that a Zope 3 developer problem or a SchoolTool problem? FOrcing the maintenance of Zope 2 onto the already overloaded Zope 3 devs seems a little unfair...

The question here is effectively whether all Zope 3 developers must become Zope 'Five' developers. As you said, Zope 2 developers can choose to proceed essentially unaffected. Zope 3 devs could not.

And this for me, means that even if the repos merge, so evil svn:externals can be avoided, the tests should not be run together on the Zope 3 side, and "Zope 3" should come bundled with Zope 2, even if Zope 2 comes bundled with Zope 3 and Five!



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