Tres Seaver wrote:
I strenuously object to you overwriting without consultation code I just checked in and that was approved by at least 3 people.

And I'm totally -1 on any logging at level INFO or above about retriable conflict errors.

Likewise -1.  A successfully retried conflict should not clutter up the log.

Huh? How is it cluttering up the log? At INFO level, I assert that if you see enough of these to judge them "clutter", you really ought to have a look at where they're coming from and solve the performance problem they'll be causing...

Not so. If I'm getting 1,000 resolved conflict errors a day, that can
be a big performance hit, and there are those of us who have hard
performance targets to meet ;-) Turning on debug logging is, in itself,
a performance hit, so I don't want to have to do that on a production
service where I want to observe the number of conflict errors occurring
over a long period of time, like, say, a month.

You need to plan to set up and *additional* logging handler for this,

OK, first point, Florent's change was one that changed existing functionality that I, for one, was relying on. Should that really be happening on the 2.8 branch at the very least?

which logs *only* conflict errors at *whatever* level, rather than
requiring everybody else to live with output they don't need or want to

I still assert that the belief it is information you shouldn't want to see is incorrect.

I figured out how to do this once, long ago, to surface some
obscure BLATHER-level notification;  given your familiarity with the
logging module, it should be a snap for you. ;)

Yes, unfortunately it's this familiarity that means I can point out the problem. At some point in 2.8's development, someone made the bright idea of having the event log be the root python logger. While I liked this in theory, in practice it means you can't set up seperate logs in the way you describe, since everything ends up getting fired at the event log anyway :-(

Then there's the issue that zope.conf doesn't support the configuration of additional loggers, when it really should ;-)

I'm happy to try and find time to work on the latter issue, if whoever made the change that resulted in the former 'fesses up and explains why the change was made.

In either case, I don't think it's fair to require this problem be solved in order for necessary conflict error logging to be resumed :-(


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