Basically I'd like to remove the workaround introduced to fix http://www.zope.org/Collectors/Zope/78 :


checkPermission now respects proxy roles, so this workaround is no longer needed.

Replacing the workaround by a checkPermission call will make the 'permission' key in all_meta_types required, the 'action' key becomes optional.

The old code did have a fallback for meta_types without 'permission' key. This is the comment for the fallback:

  #   XXX: Ancient cruft, left here in true co-dependent fashion
  #        to keep from breaking old products which don't put
  #        permissions on their metadata registry entries.

Is it save to make the 'permission' key required? Or do we need the fallback for 'ancient cruft'? There might be new products that don't set the 'permission' key because it wasn't enforced until now.

I propose to

- leave Zope 2.7 untouched

- use checkPermission in Zope 2.8 and add the fallback with deprecation warning

- make the 'permission' key required in Zope 2.9 and later

Any comments?



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