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| Sidnei da Silva wrote:
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| >On Dec 2, 2005, at 3:51 PM, Chris Withers wrote:
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| >>Sidnei da Silva wrote:
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| >>>I was looking at the same issue yesterday, and it's really a trivial
| >>>change. Need to add a 'multisection' to zopeschema.xml that allows
| >>>multiple 'logger' type entries. Then you can just do something like:
| >>
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| >>Yes, that bit is simple. But in 2.8.something and above, the eventlog 
| >>is plugged in as a root logger, meaning you can't get anything logged 
| >>that doesn't go to it. Who made this change and why?
| >
| >Yes you can. Just set 'propagate' to a non-true value.
| Can you be a bit more descriptive? OS thisa zope.conf option? an option 
| to the logger call? etc?

Heard of grep? *wink*

>From ZConfig/components/logger/logger.xml

    <key name="propagate"
        Indicates whether events that reach this logger should be
        propogated toward the root of the logger hierarchy.  If true
        (the default), events will be passed to the logger's parent
        after being handled.  If false, events will be handled and the
        parent will not be informed.  There is not a way to control
        propogation by the severity of the event.

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