>Brian Watson wrote at 2005-12-1 20:55 -0500:
> brian w.
> --------------------
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>  File 
> "E:\NBCJEAP\Zope\lib\python\zExceptions\ExceptionFormatter.py", 
> line 157,
> in formatLine
>    result.extend(self.formatSupplement(supp, tb))
>  File 
> "E:\NBCJEAP\Zope\lib\python\zExceptions\ExceptionFormatter.py", 
> line 105,
> in formatSupplement
>    extra = self.formatExtraInfo(supplement)
>  File 
> "E:\NBCJEAP\Zope\lib\python\zExceptions\ExceptionFormatter.py", 
> line 231,
> in formatExtraInfo
>    extra = getInfo(1)
>  File "E:\NBCJEAP\Zope\lib\python\Products\PageTemplates\TALES.py", 
> line 277, i
> n getInfo
> ...
>  File "E:\NBCJEAP\Zope\lib\python\ZPublisher\HTTPRequest.py", line 
> 1295, in __r
> epr__
>    return "<%s, URL=%s>" % (self.__class__.__name__, self['URL'])
>  File "E:\NBCJEAP\Zope\lib\python\ZPublisher\HTTPRequest.py", line 
> 1214, in __g
> etitem__
>    raise KeyError, key
> KeyError: 'URL'
>>The "request" in your PageTemplate context lacks an "URL".
>>"URL" is set in the "HTTPRequest"s constructor ("__init__").
>>If an "HTTPRequest" instance lacks "URL" this means either:
>>   *  the instance was created in a wrong way (contructor not called)
>>   *  "URL" was deleted after construction.
>>Unfortunately, the details you have provided does not allow
>>to say more about this problem.

thanks for your reply.  theres really not all that much info to go along with 
the error; is there anything i could try and include?  i followed the error 
just like you said and see where theyre init'd, but the object just seems to be 
empty.  i can str it and get your normal zope-style table of a request only it 
lacks the base#/url# attributes.  its __dict__ seems normal, but .other and 
._urls are both empty.  i'm not sure how 'URL' could have been deleted or how 
the httprequest could have been instantiated wrong.  it doesnt happen 
everytime, but when i open multiple browsers and click-crazy to tax it a bit it 
will happen in ~1-2mins, almost when it boggs down the server a little.  
afterward the server runs slower for a while until it seems to catch up.  my 
items in plone are archetype-based and do a little db.  it must be something 
wierd in my svr versions because the exact same thing happened here:
and sort of here where they found the problem:
but i've scoured my code/site for any similar name issues and cannot find any. 
i wish the guy who posted the first issue would've at least thrown me a hint, 
but he got pissed when i emailed him directly to ask.

thanks again for your help, and please let me know if there are any other lists 
i should be in (not sure if this is really zope-dev related),
brian w.

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