Florent Guillaume wrote at 2005-12-2 23:00 +0100:
>Please vote for the level at which you want to log retried conflict  
>errors. These are the ConflictErrors that aren't returned to the user  
>but automatically retried by the Zope publisher.
>1. Do you want these ConflictErrors retried logs to be at level:
>- not logged
>- other


>2. In addition, please specify if you feel those retried  
>ConflictErrors should have their full traceback logged?
>- Yes, with traceback
>- No, without traceback

No traceback, as it usually will come from commit code and not
really contain useful information.

>3. Finally, please tell us if the ConflictErrors that *can't* be  
>retried (and are returned to the user as an error, and are also  
>logged to the error_log) should be additionally explicitely logged to  
>the event log, and at which level:
>- not logged
>- other

They should be treated as any other exception seen by the user:

   They should be routed via "error_log" and "standard_error_message";
   they should not cause a special log entry (they are not more
   dangerous than other exceptions seen by the user).

I think your vote might be more interesting for Zope users rather
than Zope developers.

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