Florent Guillaume wrote:

If you look at the way their purpose is explained in zLOG, you'll see that level INFO is reserved for things like server startup and shutdown.

You must be one of the few humans who's ever read that documentation ;-)

recurring that can happen many times in the life of the server but does not pose any problems should *not* be visible at INFO.

What part of "if enough conflicts are showing up in the logs that they're a hassle, then you have a problem" are you not understanding? ;-)

On the other hand, that's exactly what BLATHER is for folks! Use it!

Everyone and their dog gets logged at BLATHER. It's not reasonable to obscure everything in the logs by having to turn on BLATHER logging just to get critical information about the performance of your app server.

Note that it's another reason for not using the default python loggers who have a stupidly small number of levels.

They have as many levels as you want to set up. The python logging package is _extremely_ well thought out. You do know that zLOG is just a wrapper around the python loggers now, right?

If you want to audit your server status to see if there are changes real errors will happen, INFO is *not* the level to use.



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