Dennis Allison wrote:
Dieter's point about not includeing the traceback makes sense
if all it does is report on the reporting code.

Yeah, the traceback just shows where the ConflictError was raised, not what caused it, and theyr'e always in very different places...

Wlorent, do you envision a single ConflicError or two -- one which
succeeds on retry and another where the retry fails?


ConflictErrors are ConflictErrors, it's a "server" level decision as to how they're handled. Zope chooses to retry the whole request up to 3 times when a ConflictError occurs.

The new logging code I put in records exactly how many conflicts have occurrred, and how many remain unresolved even after 3 retries.

I know you've been having fun with this type of error, so you might well want to grav the changes from svn and give them a spin...



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