Dieter Maurer wrote:
  In a similar way, I could argue that "MemoryError"s are there
  by design.

  While it is true that *occational* "ConflictError"s are nothing
  to worry about, a higher rate indicates that you soon
  may come into trouble -- because the risk increases that
  the automatic retries will not be able to recover and
  your users will see errors.

Obviously, a "ConflictError" is far less important than
a "MemoryError", but a higher rate of conflicts should be analysed
and if possible avoided.

The conflict rate is related to the quality of your application design. I like quality related information in my logfiles -- to be able
to take action before it is too late.

It's not often you get my and Dieter agreeing, but a huge +1 to all of this from me!


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