Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
This would probably best be handled by one person, so if you are willing to do 
all the
grepping and updating, making zLOG deprecated would just be a minor operation 

...but one i don't know how to perform. What code would I insert and where?

I'm happy to sign up for this, but can't promise when it'll happen...

zLOG.LOG one would call warnings.warn()

Ah, okay :-)

and the custom zLOG logging level constants could
be wrapped in a deprecation warnings (zope.deprecation.deprecate)

How would I do this? Can you give me an example?

Well, stupid or not, the order in which BLATHER and DEBUG are should be 
preserved, even if
it might not make sense. Question is if we actually need BLATHER in the future. 
For all I
care we could rip it out.

Likewise. Florent's the only person who seems to care about these arcane names ;-)


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