Chris Withers wrote:
> Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> > This would probably best be handled by one person, so if you are willing to 
> > do all
> > the grepping and updating, making zLOG deprecated would just be a minor 
> > operation :).
> ...but one i don't know how to perform. What code would I insert and where?

See below :). Of course, you don't have to deprecate zLOG instantly. Removing 
all of its
references could already be done now.

> I'm happy to sign up for this, but can't promise when it'll happen...

So let's schedule it for Zope 2.10 then :).

> > In zLOG.LOG one would call warnings.warn()
> Ah, okay :-)

A typical call to warnings.warn() looks like this::

  warnings.warn("This is deprecated, dude", DeprecationWarning, stacklevel=2)

The stacklevel=2 is important because the deprecation warning "traceback" 
wouldn't point
to the offending code otherwise.

> > and the custom zLOG logging level constants could
> > be wrapped in a deprecation warnings (zope.deprecation.deprecate)
> How would I do this? Can you give me an example?

Use the doctests, Luke :). Anyway, here's an example:

It shows how to wrap stuff in deprecation proxies using 
zope.deprecation.deprecate(). Then
any access to these objects (e.g. importing) will trigger a warning. It also 
how to temporarily turn off those deprecation warnings, for example when you're 
deprecated stuff for internal use, such as still supporting old import 
locations (as in
this case).


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