Ok after a week the consensus is pretty much in favor of
2. no traceback

So here's what I'll do:

1. There's enough votes for BLATHER that I'll add zope.conf option to change the level, but it will default to INFO.

2. No traceback will be logged anymore. Note that you'll still have the traceback from point 3.

3. Here maybe things were unclear. Everybody agrees that the error should happen at ERROR level, but I must point out again that no explicit logging is needed because it is already done if you configure error_log to copy exceptions to the event.log.

So I propose another little change: have the error_log copy to event.log be the default behaviour. Today the default is off.


Florent Guillaume wrote:
Please vote for the level at which you want to log retried conflict errors. These are the ConflictErrors that aren't returned to the user but automatically retried by the Zope publisher.

1. Do you want these ConflictErrors retried logs to be at level:
- not logged
- other

2. In addition, please specify if you feel those retried ConflictErrors should have their full traceback logged?
- Yes, with traceback
- No, without traceback

3. Finally, please tell us if the ConflictErrors that *can't* be retried (and are returned to the user as an error, and are also logged to the error_log) should be additionally explicitely logged to the event log, and at which level:
- not logged
- other

(Also, if you feel the logging should be different between 2.8 and 2.9, please say so.)

I'll wait until Wednesday morning to collect results.

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