A few weeks ago, I mentioned 3 big things I'd like to see for
merging Zope 2 and Zope 3:

- Common Publisher

- Common Security frameworks

- Common ZPT implementations

I forgot a very important need:

- Common approach to Unicode

In particular, In Zope 3, all text is stored and managed as Unicode.
The publisher decodes request data and encodes response data.  The vast
majority of application and library code can ignore encoding issues.
(The exceptions are applications and frameworks that need to exhange
text with non-Unicode-aware external systems.)  This has provided
great simplifications and allowed us to avoid common pitfals from
mixing Unicode and encoded text.

We need to migrate Zope 2 to use a similar strategy.  We need volunteers
to brainstorm how this can be done and make one or more proposals.
This is likely a prerequisite for finishing the publisher and ZPT


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