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Stefan H. Holek wrote:

import transaction

This works since 2.8, but not in 2.7. Nearly every project has come  up
with its own backward compatibility module though. See for example
CMFCore.utils.transaction or CMFPlone.transaction.

I'm dispayed to hear this. :( The old use of __builtins__.get_transaction
should be deprecated and supported for a period of time.  If it isn't,
then this

The deprecation warning in Zope 2.8 says:

-c:1: DeprecationWarning: This will be removed in ZODB 3.6:
  use transaction.get() instead of get_transaction().
transaction.commit() is a shortcut spelling of transaction.get().commit(),
  and transaction.abort() of transaction.get().abort().

Zope 2.9 comes with ZODB 3.6. So the behaviour is correct in some way but I agree that the deprecation should continue longer. It would be save to remove it in Zope 2.10.


BTW, This is a good example for why I want to start using time-based


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