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On 19 Dec 2005, at 20:02, Jim Fulton wrote:

Rocky Burt wrote:

Perhaps the backend should be switched from bdb to fsfs (native
subversion backend type) ?  I know it does away with a lot of these,

Yup, when someone has time to do it.  AFAIK, it will involve
dumping the repository and reloading it.  Past experience suggests  that
this will take several hours.  This involves scheduled downtime,
testing, dealing with the inevitable misshap ....

IMHO the process is straightforward and easy (except for the time it will take),

That fact alone adds complication, as that down time needs to be scheduled.

> and there is no problem reverting to the previous state:

- run svnadmin dump on the old repository
- move the old repository aside
- create a new repository with fsfs backend
- run svnadmin load to load the data into the new repository

I presume you also need to disable access to the repository while this
is going on.  That means there are three input paths (viewcvs, svn:,
svn+ssh:) that need to be disabled. Maybe that's just a matter of
renaming the repo.

At no point would any data be in danger. The problem I see on the current box is hard drive space. I'm not sure the remaining space is enough to hold a complete dump *and* the new repository along with the old one.

The whole repository is only about 800 megs. There are over 8 gigs
free.  Are the dump file or the file-based repo much larger in
size the the Berkeley database?

BTW, thanks for volunteering for this! It will be great not to
fool with the Berkeley DB anymore. :)


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