Jeff Kowalczyk wrote:
I didn't receive any feedback on zope-general, but it could just be a
problem with my environment that fails silently. Can anyone confirm that
this isn't pilot error before I file a bug? Thanks.

From the thread, it's not a pilot error, so could you please file a bug if you haven't already?

I at least consider commands that simply fail to work in development checkouts with obscure errors as a bug. I ran into this independently, and found this thread. If I had come by a few weeks later, I would likely not have found this thread, and I'd have asked the question again. If it at least said "hey, this doesn't work, try this instead" when you go 'make install', it'd be at least be something, though ideally any command that works in a release should also work in a development checkout.

I understand that the reason for this is zpkg. It's not the first time that zpkg slams me right into the head for various reasons. Going into the wider story of packaging philosophy, I suspect there are arguments to be made in favor of making the difference between the repository and the distribution small. A distribution could be *smaller* than a repository, i.e. a profile of what's in the repository, but it'd be nice if structurally what's actually included in a distribution was the same as much as possible as what's in the repository.


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