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On 20 Dec 2005, at 08:51, Stefan H. Holek wrote:

On 18. Dez 2005, at 17:58, Tim Peters wrote:

Nobody should be installing from a checkout to begin with, right?

Ok, so that's probably where we disagree then ;-)

I almost exclusively work with checkouts, and I would think many developers (as opposed to "users") do. Is there really no way to allow "make install" to work from a sandbox?

I strongly disagree as well. I believe it is normal practice to grab a tag or branch tip from subversion and install that. Why would I ever grab some tarball when I'm at the command line already and use svn for everything else, anyway?

I'm not happy about this change either -- I just ran into it. I did the 'configure; make; make install' dance, and suddenly I run into an error. I like working with release tarballs but I don't like the experience to be different when I do a checkout. The least I expect is to run into an error message that doesn't tell me anything.

I'll note, FWIW, that we don't do installs from Zope 3 checkouts.
I think it's worth asking whether this is an important requirement.
If it is, then we should make it work.  Question is, is it worth
delaying the release?  I don't know.

If we did stay with the current situation, we'd need to cleanup the
documentation so that a developer can easily reminder herself
what she can do and how to do it.


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