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But I'm not sure I understand you.
Are you saying that in order to use Basket, my product can't call

Or are you saying that when installed via Basket, registerHelp()
does nothing?  That's fine.

Yep, the latter currently...

You could please describe what the implications between Basket and Helpys are?

Egg products may be run from a zipfile (this is a "distribution"; it might contain more than one product). Egg distributions can be marked as "non-zip-safe", in which case Basket will uncompress them to a cache directory before adding them to the "product path" (although the Products package namespace is not required for egg products). But the some products will be run entirely from a zipfile without decompressing them. Helpsys expects to be able to find help files on disk.

pkg_resources is a module by Phillip Eby that can used to indirect file access through a separate API that makes it possible to read files from either a zipfile or from a directory path. Fred also wrote a package named zope.filereference which does the same. I suspect you may need to change apidoc to use one of these APIs when it's finding and reading files.

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