Chris McDonough wrote:
> I'm looking for opinions here..
> The progenitor of Eggs (Phillip Eby) suggests that this is too 
> implicit.  He suggests instead that people who install packages  should
> use a program which implicitly installs packages.  The major  difference
> between this and what happens in Basket currently is that  packages
> would be that non-zip-safe packages would be "exploded" at  installation
> time rather than at Zope startup time.
> The question is this: do you think there should be an explicit
> "install" step for egg packages/Products or do you think it should be
> possible to just put eggs on your PYTHONPATH (and perhaps adjust a
> config file with "requirements")?

As you know, I have created an egg for CPS recently

The egg is big (12.3M) and exploding the egg at Zope on startup takes
quite a long time (1 minute IIRC).

But from a administration POW, I would prefer the implicit approach.

Regarding the startup time problem, I would vote for a timestamping
system (I don't even know if it's not the case already).


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