On Dec 22, 2005, at 9:16 AM, Stefane Fermigier wrote:

Chris McDonough wrote:
I'm looking for opinions here..

The progenitor of Eggs (Phillip Eby) suggests that this is too
implicit. He suggests instead that people who install packages should use a program which implicitly installs packages. The major difference
between this and what happens in Basket currently is that  packages
would be that non-zip-safe packages would be "exploded" at installation
time rather than at Zope startup time.

The question is this: do you think there should be an explicit
"install" step for egg packages/Products or do you think it should be
possible to just put eggs on your PYTHONPATH (and perhaps adjust a
config file with "requirements")?

As you know, I have created an egg for CPS recently
(http://blogs.nuxeo.com/sections/blogs/fermigier/2005_12_16_cps- lays-big-egg)

Yes, this is cool! ;-)

The egg is big (12.3M) and exploding the egg at Zope on startup takes
quite a long time (1 minute IIRC).

That's not too surprising. I guess we could make that faster by using an external zip program (not one written in Python). That said, if the package was "zip safe" it wouldn't need to be blasted apart of course.

But from a administration POW, I would prefer the implicit approach.

Regarding the startup time problem, I would vote for a timestamping
system (I don't even know if it's not the case already).

There's one in there now as of Basket 0.2...

- C

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