That's fine. It moved to because it was under pretty heavy development and was (and probably still is) too slow to be responsive when lots of writes were done. IIRC its DAV was broken too. It's not under development at all anymore, so it can move back, at least until another development cycle comes up. will need the latest version of BackTalk and CMFBackTalk installed (and by "latest" I wouldn't worry that they're too new to run on, both are at least two years old). Can someone do this? Upgrading BackTalk might just be a matter of typing "cvs up" in the BackTalk product directory... if it's not, there's no release that has the necessary features, so it will need to be checked out or a tarball will need to be rolled from . CMFBackTalk... same for CMFBackTalk at .

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On Dec 22, 2005, at 9:48 AM, Andreas Jung wrote:


what do you think about moving the current version of the ZB hosted on back on The quickstart page of Zope still points to the 2.6 edition. I would like to get of the 2.6 edition and call it just "Zope Book" + the data of the last modification. Since we can not synchronize Zope release with the Zope Book it would make sense to me to get rid of the version number....I think it is confusing to distinguish between the 2.6 and 2.7 edition (when there is already Zope 2.8) and versions hosted on vs.


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