On Dec 22, 2005, at 10:17 AM, Rocky Burt wrote:

Chris McDonough wrote:
The question is this: do you think there should be an explicit
"install" step for egg packages/Products or do you think it should be
possible to just put eggs on your PYTHONPATH (and perhaps adjust a
config file with "requirements")?

To be honest, the explicit'ness of an external egg install process irks
me but I cannot really give a reason why (perhaps its just because I'm
used to having Zope2 products "just work").

What do Java people expect from jar files (I ask as a Java dope)? Do they have a more limited scope (no dependencies, for example?)

Also, with having to "install" eggs, how would this work with eggs that
are actually directories (that are formed like egg zip files) and
dealing with eggs from a development standpoint.  Does this mean they
would get copied some place? Or just that something would be registered
into the zodb registering those eggs, etc...

I doubt anything would go into the ZODB; other than that I'm not sure. Whatever got created would almost certainly be based on Phillip's "easy_install" program which is documented at http:// peak.telecommunity.com/DevCenter/EasyInstall .

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