Martijn Faassen wrote:
Andreas Jung wrote:

Who has the knowledge and time to fix this?

I think we need to have some philosophical agreement on what is going to be done before we figure out who has time to "fix" this. I think the issue is a bit deeper than just a bug people want fix, even though it presents itself that way.

The requirements that zpkg tries to fulfill, primarily multiple distributions from the same repository, have given us this situation.

No, a lack of time and agreement on goals have given us this situation.
If we'd had more time for this release, or for that matter, if people
had eleveted this issue sooner (better?) we could have solved it with zpkg.

Perhaps we should revisit zpkg and add the requirement that the state of the repository should be as similar as possible to that of at least *one* of those distributions, and see what happens to its design.

If we agree on that goal, then I'm sure we can fix it if we wish.

Fixing this should be part of the Zope 2.10 cycle, hopefully.


I can interpret your question another way, as a count against zpkg: zpkg is so peculiar to Zope that even most Zope core developers don't know how to fix this. That sucks and in my book is a very serious negative point against zpkg.

That would count as a serious negative point for any new technology.

> The simplicity of "repository *is* distribution" has
a very important benefit in its favor there, as that's trivial to understand.

And would have made including Zope 3 in Zope 2 a real mess.


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