Andreas Jung wrote:

I am not against zpkg but I have really no idea how it works, what is does for me and how it causes the particular trouble in this the moment zpkg is just a magic black box with some esoteric make it short: I need to learn what zpkg is and how it works. Until then ppl with some zpkg skills need to care about the problem.

zpkg has reasonable extensive documentation.

I'll note that zpkg is providing us 2 benefits:

- Making the release possible by excluding bits of Zope 3
  that are not ready for release.

- Allowing us to avoid one monster file in the root of Zope
  that has to be changed any time we add or remove an extension module.

The later is a significant benefit.  Unfortunately though, it is a mixed
benefit.  We are bending zpkg to do something it wasn't intended to do.
Originally, it was designed just to make releases.  It hasn't really
been adequately rethought to support checkouts.  As a result we've
had to make some compromises.


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