[Paul Winkler]
>> I think one reason people are just now starting to complain is
>> that we had no idea this change was coming. Checkouts
>> don't look any different, so it was a bit of a surprise
>> to see such a big change in the tarball.


[Jim Fulton]
> The tar ball looks the same (wrt configure/make/make install).
> It's the checkout that has changed.

I'm sure Paul meant that the content of the tarball _looks_ very
different now.  Change is always disconcerting.  I vividly recall that
when ZODB switched to zpkgtools-based releases, we had messages from
people staring at the tarball wondering where the ZODB code was --
including one from Jeremy ;-):



    Also (and I say this realizing that I haven't followed zpkg development
    at all) is there any chance of getting a ZODB release where the code
    is in some obvious looking place?  I'm sure I'm just confused because
    I'm used to the old way of doing things, but I initially thought I had
    grabbed the wrong thing because I couldn't find the source code.

The better news is that those kinds of messages died out quickly, but
it was certainly a shock at the start
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