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Andreas Jung wrote:

on behalf of Zope Corporation and the Zope community I am pleased to
announce the release of Zope 2.9.0 beta 2 (the x-mas release)

Thanks for continuing to do these releases.  In this case, I think we
jumped the gun, because the Z2 branch left the Zope3 svn:externals set
to a non-tagged release of Zope3.  We need to get Z3 released *first*,

The svn:externals were changed to point to the most current 3.2 version (using -r option). Jim suggested this since I was running out of time
before x-mas (and now being on vacation with limited internet access).

Yup, it was better to get a 2.9 beta in December based on a specific revision
of 3.2 that tro wait until January to get a 2.9 based on a 3.2 beta, especially
since the outstanding work for the 3.2 beta would not affect Zope 2.


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