Dieter Maurer wrote:
I'd rather have a one-time update method that trawls the database, like
is done for Python Scripts recompiling for instance. Or I can call it
myself in my upgrade procedures on the exact objects I know will need

I've implemented the setstate() variant as proof-of-concept. I am not sure if there is overhead for CMF-based sites since they FSPageTemplates inherit from PageTemplateFile which has nothing in mind with persistence. So only persistent ZopePageTemplate would be affected. If there is need for a dedicated migration we could easily write one..that's the lamest task of the whole ZPT unicode issue :-)

Modern ZODB versions allow modifications made in "__setstate__"
to be reliably persisted. This means that "__setstate__" updates
can now be one time (though the test whether an upgrade is necessary
is done always). The "recompile" hack for "PythonScript"s would
no longer be necessary.

I know but that means you have backward compatibility cruft that stays there forever. And no good way to tell the administrators how to upgrade before a given date.


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