[Andreas Jung]
> I _like_ tags in externals because they are self-documenting. Dealing with
> externals where you have several different revision numbers is a PIA since
> you never know what version of a module is behind the revision. You always
> have look through the log for the referenced module...that's very time
> consuming. I see this as a major risk factor when working on releases.

If you want the tag style for ZODB in Zope 2.9 and Zope trunk, I doubt
anyone would yell at you if you changed them to use the ZODB 3.6 tag
instead (pieces of ZODB are stitched in under lib/python/, doc/, and
utilities/ in Zope 2, so that requires propedit'ing 3 directories).

Because ZODB has its own advertised version number (ZODB.__version__,
ZEO.version, and src/ZEO/version.txt), I always make a new tag for a
new ZODB release (whether internal or external).  ZODB isn't like,
e.g., zope.testing in that way (and I understand why Jim would think
it a pain to make a new tag of zope.testing for every little change
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