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My point is that the python logging levels are insufficiently fine

Sufficently enough for me.

"Sufficient for me" is not a good reason sorry. If you don't want to  use
them, then don't use them.

I've never had the need to use them. That's different from not wanting to use them. The more choice you have, the more trouble you have. I agree that
a TRACE level might be of interest. But BLATHER and PROBLEM is competely
overhead from my point of view - in fact I can't explain when to use BLATHER or TRACE compared to DEBUG. In cases where I have the need to perform low-level logging (for debugging purposes) I do usually use a dedicated logger
to do not mess up the main logfile.

BLATHER & TRACE can be merged to DEBUG
and PROBLEM to either WARN|ERROR. This should be even enough for Zope.

No it can't. TRACE is already being used, and it would drown everyone
using DEBUG if it was at DEBUG level.
Same thing, BLATHER would drown people looking for succint INFO.

I don't see any Zope code using TRACE except ZEO. Instead of BLATHER you could use DEBUG.

I will standardize those for the use case we're seeing time and again
and again.

I don't like the idea of re-introducing something that matches on 'log'.
Otherwise we could have kept zLOG :-)


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