Most of the last two days I've been whacking on Zope 2.9 to build a
"Zope 2 style" Windows installer that bundles Python 2.4.2, and
cooperates with the new zpkgtools-created tarball layout.  The
build-the-Windows-installer code got simpler as a result, but ...

This work is being done on branch:


which was branched off the 2.9 tag.  All changes on the branch are
under inst/WinBuilders/, so the idea is that when "this works", it can
be merged into the 2.9 tag as well as the trunk (the stuff under
WinBuilders/ isn't used for anything except building a Windows
installer, and on the 2.9 tag the WinBuilders/ part is wholly broken).

It's in a state now where it's not obviously broken to my eyes, but I
have little experience running Zope2 so my eyes aren't reliable here. 
People on Windows who want to try it, knowing in advance that it may
be broken in various ways, can download an experimental installer:


from my member page:

Please report problems to zope-dev, not to me directly.  After
tomorrow, I'll be on vacation for 2 weeks, and won't be terribly
responsive :-)

Note that I'm copying Sidnei in the hope that he can be persuaded to
take up the slack.  If there are problems, they're likely to be in the
layout of the code:  missing pieces, wrong directories, stuff like
that.  The 2.9 tarball's installed everything it was told
to install, and if there are problems there they're in Zope 2.9, not
in the chain of code building the Windows installer.  Nevertheless,
the Windows installer could be taught to patch over them.  And, of
course, the build-the-installer dance may introduce new errors of its

I hope it works for someone ;-)
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