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Andreas Jung wrote:

All these changes seem to be the right thing. This will make unicode life
in Zope a lot easier.

I worry about backward compatibility though.

Some code (such as PlacelessTranslationService) is doing wild things like
monkeypatching the ZPT engine so that incoming unicode is encoded into
UTF-8 during page template execution. I.e. the principle is quite
different from that of Zope 2 itself, where the publisher takes care of
translating things into an encoded string upon output. Since Silva
doesn't use PTS anymore I don't worry about this, but Plone developers

Changing the default encoding of Zope to UTF-8 might break a lot of
assumptions in people's code.

What about input? If I have an input form, browsers tend to submit in the
encoding that the form as in, for instance UTF-8. This means I get UTF-8
strings into my request.

Now, if I have code that takes something from that request and displays
it in a unicode page template, you'd have a problem, as you'd be mixing
UTF-8 with unicode there. Again this might result in a lot of broken code.

I share your worries (meanwhile :-)). Enforcing unicode is too strict. I think to relax the wrapper code so it can handle both unicode and non-unicode (for backward compabitlity)...possibly using some 'strict' flag that enforces the use of unicode...I just don't know yet how to add this in a same way.


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