Andreas Jung schrieb:
>> Now, if I have code that takes something from that request and displays
>> it in a unicode page template, you'd have a problem, as you'd be mixing
>> UTF-8 with unicode there. Again this might result in a lot of broken
>> code.
> I share your worries (meanwhile :-)). Enforcing unicode is too strict. I
> think to relax the wrapper code so it can handle both unicode and
> non-unicode (for backward compabitlity)...possibly using some 'strict'
> flag that enforces the use of unicode...I just don't know yet how to add
> this in a same way.

Maybe just have new uZPT with Unicode and leave the "old" ZPT allone?
Maybe with limited ability to "add" old ZPT from ZMI or such.

This would solve the backward-compatibility problems and would be a more
smooth transition w/o the need of upgrade hacks and "strict" hacks
(after all, we arent perl/php ;))

Maybe with a "make all my ZPT uZPT" or the like for the real desperate.

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