[Philipp von Weitershausen]
> It seems that 'inst' holds nothing of value anymore except 'Makefile.in'
> and 'WinBuilders'.

WRT Windows, that's certainly true on my Windows-installer branch.  I
don't know whether any of it is still useful on Linux.  You seem to
think Makefile.in is still useful, but if that's true then I expect
inst/configure.py is also still useful (it looks like configure.py is
the intended way to create an actual makefile from the Makefile.in

One thing for sure is that it will be helpful to get rid of as many
decoys as possible; e.g., I burned several hours staring at the stuff
in inst/ wondering how to make it work again, then digging in to why
it existed at all, and finally concluding that everything it ever did
is of no use on Windows anymore ;-).

> I propose moving those two items to the root and remove 'inst'.

I'd rather just remove the decoys.  The process of building a Windows
installer needs/creates three not-checked-in directories that are
siblings of WinBuilders, and it's nicer to have those hiding under
inst/ than cluttering the root of a checkout.

The Windows stuff will have no use for anything other than
WinBuilders/, so if Makefile.in's Linux purpose would be better served
by moving that elsewhere, that would be fine.
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