On 1/15/06, Tim Peters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Sorry, I'm not following this.  The installer never offers to create a
> user (although it does ask you to supply a password for the fixed
> "admin" user).  So you must be talking about something else, but I
> don't know what.  For example, when logged in to the installed Zope as
> "admin", I had no problems creating new users from the acl_users
> thingie.

Is this "admin" user the emergency user? Because I couldn't log in,
and I tried to create a new manager with inituser, and it worked, and
there is no admin user in my acl_users...

Still can't log in with admin, maybe I mistyped the password twice... :-)

> > And of course zopectl doesn't work, so zopectl adduser
> > is out of the question. Luckily creating an inituser still works! :-)
> >
> > Also, installing the shell files runzope and zopectl is kinda
> > pointless.
> I'm sure the Zope 2.8 (etc) Windows installers did the same here.

Me too. And in fact the linux install installs runzope.bat. Still
pretty pointless.

>     r TAB
> in an instance's bin directory completes to
>     runzope
> and that's what you want. That doesn't actually run the file named
> "runzope", it actually runs the file named "runzope.bat" on Windows.

Oh, right. No, I *want* runzope.bat, but yeah, just runzope works fine
too, because the shell will look for exe, bat and com files when you
do that. :-) If you delete the runzope file, and then do the same, you
see it expands to "runzope.bat".

> I'm sure all earlier Zope Windows installers created stuff that did
> the same here too.  If that isn't wanted, then Zope's
> utilities/mkzopeinstance.py is again the thing that would need to be
> changed.

It should probably print the current directory. That's pointless on
UNIX, because then you know what the current directory is, but when
clicking on an icon, you don't.

> Thank you for trying it!  I'm just relieved it didn't melt your hard drive ;-)

No, it works fine (except for the weirdness about the admin creation.
Maybe I'll try again and make sure I donn't mistype this time.)

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