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I've noticed a couple of problems with recent deprecation decisions (for
OFS.content_types and zLOG).  The major one is that the deprecation
warning waw added without removing the code in the core which depends on
the deprecated feature.  The most obvious sign of this is that the tests
no longer "run clean", but are cluttered up with warning output.

Another issue is that at least one of those choices (the zLOG one)
seemed to land without accounting for the legitimate use cases which the
new "blessed" method doesn't address (e.g, logging levels not offered by
the standard 'logging' module).

I'm about to check in changes which clean out the use of
OFS.content_types, but am less willing to clean up the zLOG uses until
the other use cases are addressed.

I haven't been following these issues, counting on y'all to figure it out. :)

I'll just note that:

- I agree with your point about deprecation warnings.  IOW
  we should not check in new deprecation warnings on the trunk
  that cause warnings to be output when running the standard tests.
  We should correct any code that needs to be updated first.
  (Personally, I add the deprecation warning, making sure that I
  get the expected warnings, and then I make the warnings go away.)

- I think that dropping functionality should be considered carefully.
  I'm inclined to accept your judgement that the use cases need to be

Of course, we do want to move away from zLOG, as we want to leverage
the standard logging framework.


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