Stephan Richter wrote:
On Wednesday 18 January 2006 19:09, Jim Fulton wrote:

You know my position concerning the repository and the release; I'd
prefer them to be kept as similar as possible to simplify the release
process. I hope we can go in that direction. It also makes things more
predictable to developers. We noticed that some Zope 3 packages weren't
packaged into Zope 2 after the release, even though in a developer's
sandbox of Zope 2 they were there.

Right. If eggs work out, then a respository check out will be a lot
smaller, but will download needed eggs.  This would be a replacement of the
use of externals we have now.

Oh, this will make development so much more tedious. Let's say zope.testbrowser is an egg and I discover a bug in zope.textbrowser while doing some other Zope 3 development, I have to check out zope.testbrowser, fix the bug, check it in, download the new egg and hope it fixed my Zope 3 problem. Honestly this is far too much and I will at most make a bug report.

Ah, exactly the risk I pointed out too, I should've read the thread first before I repeated you. :)

I have seen you take a similar approach to zope.testing and I found that painful just by watching the checkins. I feel like an old record, but please let's keep the development process as simple as possible. I rather make some concessions to the packaging and dependency system than spending more time developing.

What if we can create in SVN the equivalent of what would be an egg + its dependencies for checkout, using externals? I know Jim said he doesn't want to use externals, but I'm thinking in that direction. You'd have one SVN directory for each egg, which then contains the right externals to pull in all the dependencies. Hopefully the process of creating such an SVN directory could be automated from egg dependency metadata.


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