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Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:

I didn't know that methods needed to have docstrings to be traversable
(it took me some time to find out why I was getting "Not found" errors
on some of a tool's methods). Is there any reason to still have such a
"feature" in Zope2.9?

"Publishable methods have docstrings" is the oldest security model in
Zope / Bobo.  It would open unknown security holes in 3rd party
applications if we removed that restriction.  Even setting the default
value of '__allow_access_to_unprotected_subobjects__' to False wouldn't
help, because there are many products which set that to True for their
objects, relying on the lack of docstring to make their methods safe
from direct URL access.

In fact, this restriction is *different* than the "permission-role" one:
even methods whose roles are None (i.e. public), and therefore can be
called by scripts run by anonymous users, are prevented from being
"published" if they have no docstrings.

or at least maybe there could be a hint in the
trace log.

I *thinK* if you run in debug mode with verbose security turned on, it
suggests that as one possible reason.


One extra difficulty when debugging with that model is that .pyc files must be deleted if the .py is modified. since apparently docstrings are ignored during the compilation.

But now I know :-)


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