Dieter Maurer said the following on 2006-02-10 19:48:
Dario Lopez-Kästen wrote at 2006-2-10 10:56 +0100:
for a product I am writing, i need to experiment with inhibiting URL-traversal to the methods and subobjects of it. I still wnat the methods and objects to be available via direct call, for instance:

You can use a "SiteAccess" "AccessRule" for this.

Be warned, however, that "AccessRules" can be disabled
in the URL (by a few knowing people). If this concerns you,
can can remove this feature from "AccessRule" (code modification).

Using an AccessRule is not precisely what I had in mind - I want my product to behave in such a way by itself - but looking at how AccessRules work will surely give me some insight. Thanks for the pointer.

Also, can such a behaviour be imposed on templates (they being methods really) and Script(Python)s?

It can -- with some difficulties:

  Templates and scripts are called because they define
  "index_html" as "None".

  If you give a template or script a non-None "index_html",
  then this object will be called instead of the template/script.

I see. Is this possible to do on FS-based scripts/templates? I believe zodb-based files may be manipulated at install-time by my product, by I am not sure how to do this for FS-based stuff.

Anyway, thanks Dieter for the pointers. This will get me started :-)


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