hi all!

i have a class ImageContainer in a python product, that has an ImageFile
attached, it's named 1.gif:
   image = ImageFile('1.gif', '/some/where')
   setattr(self.__class__, '1.gif', image)
i have an ImageContainer instance in my zope root.

if i point my browser to http://localhost/ImageContainer/1.gif ,
i can see the image in the browser, everything seems fine, image is

if however the image is named "1" only, e.g.
   image = ImageFile('1', '/some/where')
   setattr(self.__class__, '1', image)
i notice a difference when viewing http://localhost/ImageContainer/1 .
the browser pops up a download window, showing the content type is
application/octet-stream. using firefox' livehttpheaders extension i found
out that the content-type header is missing. if i view
http://localhost/ImageContainer/1/ everything is fine however.

now i peeked into App.ImageFile, where i can find a index_html() method,
where the content-type header is set.
viewing http://localhost/ImageContainer/1 never calls the index_html
method though, http://localhost/ImageContainer/1/ obviously does.
that's where i'm stuck now, who handles the ImageFile's invokation, if
called like http://localhost/ImageContainer/1 ? ImageFile inherits from
Acquisition.Explicit, nothing else...

thanks for your attention,
regards, juergen herrmann

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