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Chris Withers wrote:

Would anyone be averse to making anonymous http checkouts possible from

Some of us are behind annoying proxies that won't let svn through :-/

At one point, enabling the 'http:' checkout gateway was a sure-fire
recipe for getting SVN's knickers in a twist, which is why we disabled
it.  Or maybe that was ViewCSV.

Actually, it was BekeleyDB. :)

The main obstical was that it required apache 2 and, at the time
we were running apache 1 and I didn't want to spend the time
figuring out the apache access.

In any case, I would guess that you might persuade folks to allow
DAV-based checkout (which is what svn-over-http is), but you are likely
to have to write it up as a proposal, including specific information
about the Apache / SVN configuration changes required.

PS: https write access would be nice, but I guess that's out of the

Yes, definitely.  The answer is the same as when you asked for it two
years ago (:  the WebDAV stuff is slow (which may be a reason not to
allow annonymous http: checkouts, too), and the credentials mechanism is
built entirely around the contributor's SSH key..

I would support HTTP anonymous checkouts.  I'm really against
writable HTTP checkouts because I consider the credentials
mechanism for HTTP access to be extremely lame.  Despite out
lame program for uploading keys, I find the ssh-based access
mechanism to be far more usable and secure.


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